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What is Ice Cold?

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How Does it Work

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About Ice Cold

Your air conditioning system loses 20% to 30% efficiency as it ages.

IceCold Technology can reclaim lost efficiency by irradicating oil fouling on heat transfer surfaces within your cooling system.

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Eco Friendly GREEN

Maintaining your cooling system with IceCold can save you money while saving the planet.

Using IceCold Technology ensures your cooling system will use less energy on average.

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IceCold Technology carries a variety of benefits including extending the life of your compressor system, cleaning and restoring older systems & more.

Not to mention saving money.

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IceCOLD Saves You Money

What is Ice Cold?

What's In IceCOLD

About IceCOLDIceCOLD® is a revolutionary breakthrough synthetic solution which is added to the cooling system’s refrigerant.

  • System runs less because the vent air is colder
  • Extends the air conditioning system's life
  • Applications for residential, commercial, industrial & automotive

IceCOLD® Product Benefits

  • Reduces electric energy cost by 20%+*
  • Delivers colder vent air … faster
  • Reduces equipment repair cost
  • Reduces compressor noise
  • Extends equipment life … equipment runs cooler
  • Lasts for the life of the cooling system coils
  • The most cost effective way to further enhance system SEER performance

*Independent Testing Performed by: York, INTERTEK, and Westinghouse. IceCOLD® consistently delivered 20%+ improvement to cooling systems. Typical system installations yield paybacks of less than 1 yr.

How IceCOLD® Works

Removes Oil Fouling

  • Improving coil heat transfer by 73%
  • Delivering 3+ degrees colder vent air

Refrigerant Evaporates at a Lower Temperature

  • Producing cold air faster
  • Delivering colder air through vents

Delivers 54%* Higher Lubricity to compressor oil

  • Allowing compressors to run cooler
  • Extending compressor's life … with less maintenance

*INTERTEK Laboratory Certification